Trion startades 2017 och har gjort succé på Nefertiti och Unity Jazz i Göteborg. Basisten Olli Rantala från Vasa, Finland har tagit en solid plats som bas ankare i Sveriges jazzlandskap under de senaste åren. Olli spelar även med Kari Ikonen trio och Tanguedia Quintet. Adam Ross från Kalmar är trummisen alla pratar om just nu, han är 25 år och spelar med bl.a. Fredrik Kronkvist, Carl Winther trio och sin egen grupp AR8. Rolf Jardemark började jobba som musiker 1985 och har gett ut 11 album i eget namn, det senaste tillsammans med Amerikanske gitarristen John Stowell. Rolf är representerad i boken ”the great jazz guitarists” och har genom åren spelat med Michael Ruff, Al Harewood, Lars Danielsson, Rune Gustafsson, Erik Gullbransson, Gilbert Holmström, Margaretha Evmark m.fl.
In English: Biography 25 years in Jazz Guitar At age 50, Rolf Jardemark, definitely deserves a moment of retrospection. His first 25 years on the professional scene has taken him from jazz clubs to TV studios. From the Gothenburg Opera House to John Pisanos Guitar Night in Los Angeles. He has released over half a dozen acclaimed albums in his own name since Soft Landing (1989). The latest Sunset in Guitarland offers rich west coast jazz, recorded in Los Angeles with studio icons Michael Ruff, Bill Cantos, John JR Robinson (Michael Jackson) and Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa). His third album Guitarland (1993) caused the Swedish TV program Jazz duel to elect him as the successor of Rune Gustafsson, godfather of Swedish jazz guitar since the 1950’s. Rolf’s devotion to jazz and guitars started in his teens. At twelve he bought his first guitar from a friend for 1 (!) dollar. Money well spent, to say the least. After taking his first steps with just a blues record and a chord book, Rolf saw the light. – I saw Barney Kessel on a TV show. He looked and sounded real hip with his big Gibson and nice suit. I was listening to a lot of different music growing up, but when I heard Larry Carlton (Royal Scam) and Pat Metheny (Bright Size Life) there was no turning back, Rolf remembers. Rolf has stayed true to his hometown of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, a city that has produced an impressing number of influential guitar players over the years. Besides the fore-mentioned Rune Gustafsson, Ulf Wakenius (Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown etc.) is arguably the most notable. – I met Peter Almqvist (who would later tour the world with Wakenius with Guitars Unlimited) when I was 15 years old working extra in his dad's guitar shop. Peter gave me the tapes and showed me Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Ulf Wakenius has also been a good friend and inspiration over the years. Before starting music high school at 16, Rolf had very little formal training. – Around that time I decided that music was "it" for me. I studied classical guitar at school but when I came home I took my ES-175 out of the box. I later continued at Gothenburg University and got a master in fine arts in 1985.
Bandmedlemmar och instrument: Rolf Jardemark, gitarr
Olli Rantala, bas
Adam Ross, trummor
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