Don Qui Five from Gothenburg will represent Sweden in the cooperation project Nordic Jazz Comets. The Nordic jazz organisations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden present a showcase of five Nordic ensembles. This year's edition of the Comets, featuring a music group from each of the participating countries, will take place at the Barbican Centre in London the 25th of November as part of the London Jazz Festival.

Don-Qui Five stretches the limits of improvisational music into new territory. The music has its roots in jazz and progressive rock but is at the same time closely connected to free improvisation and world music.
With the deep seriousness and the hyperactive playfulness of a child - the energetic quintet kicks a hole in the modern jazz scene. Don-Qui Five is the band that grabs a hold of you and that doesn't let go until you fall in to ecstasy and for a short while forgets that there is a tomorrow.

Don-qui Five has three different saxophons in the front, on alto saxophone Adrian Åsling Sellius on tenor saxophone Signe Dahlgreen and on baritone saxophone Henrik Büller, and they are backed up by bass player and composer Jonas Nilsson and drummer Axel Larsson. They have released two records, the latest one “Derek” in November 2017, which received great reviews in Swedish newspapers.

With a mix of punks raw energy, the rocks compact clarity and the freedom of improvisation, Don-Qui Five rides on its own wave of innovative music. Unlimited love and fierce crazy energy is the driving force when the five musicians passionately play their hyperactive PunkJazz. They will play at the Barbican Centre's Free Stage exhibition hall togehter with: BounceAlarm! (NO), Baldvin Snær Quintet (ICE), Signe (FI), I Just Came From The Moon (DE).

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