Over the past year, the Swedish Jazz Association has looked into ways of making the views and opinions of the Swedish jazz scene heard under a common name. The result is a new and flexible organization that now welcomes more member types than ever before. Jazz is a genre that has no public institutions and needs a united voice with established representation even more pressing.

Jazz spreads
The number of jazz clubs that have joined the association has seen a 25% increase in recent years, with growth also increasing outside traditional jazz circles. More and more festivals are created, new types of jazz organizers show up where you least expect it, and the rapidly growing number of musicians takes shape in different ways and often fill several roles within the same association. Add these to all the special interest groups within the jazz community, bringing together committed and passionate individuals and you have a significant number. Some of who want to commemorate a specific musician, while others want to preserve sound archives from our century old genre. These and many other types are the kind of associations we would like to welcome as members.

A broader organisation
The Swedish Jazz Association had initially been for voluntary associations of concert organizers, but following the transition to Svensk Jazz, it had been decided all associations of jazz interest should be considered rather than simply accepting memberships based on their organizational structure.

Open Climate

Genre boundaries are today a lot more difficult to define, but the point of creating Svensk Jazz is more to unite than to act as a border guard. The genre should be an open climate, but also within the increasingly hard to define the boundaries of others. “Welcome” is our watch word!

New member categories
The volunteer-run jazz clubs remain the largest part of our organization, but in addition to those we now welcome the following new membership categories.
- Large and small festivals
- Different types of musician associations
- Different types of organizers
- Other interest groups in the genre
- Music teachers with an interest in jazz.

Are you curious about our new organization, or do you have any other questions. Contact Swedish Jazz Association´s Office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 08-407 17 40.

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