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Fotograf: Simon Toldam
The three members of Shitney are all intensely familiar with each other, having previously crisscrossed in various musical constellations including Pistol No. 9, Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe, and Television Pickup. Shitney was born in early 2015 with the purpose of creating new and uncompromising music on a contrasting acoustic/electric sound plane.

Here are three women who are all, in their own ways, on the fringe of musical normality. They are not afraid of choosing paths that can hurt one way or another, to both listener and musician alike. The music is sometimes unsettling, then giving way to gentle and symphonic passages. They create an unpredictable mix of the concrete and abstract, using beats and samples, as well as synthetic and organic sounds. Recently, the use of black & white visual aids has become a new variable, which deepens Shitney's musical universe with yet another contrasting dimension.

Maria Faust - Estonian composer and saxophonist, best known from her own large groups Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe and Maria Faust Sacrum Facere, and the recipient of several Danish Music Awards. Faust also works in both smaller improvisation-based ensembles, and as an unaccompanied soloist, collaborating with electronic effects, boat engines, the human voice, and using water as a tool and duet partner. A founding member of Barefoot Records.

Katrine Amsler - Danish composer and pianist, best known from her constantly changing and innovative band Television Pickup. Amsler also works with improvisational music in different ensembles, as a producer, with film music, sound design and music for computer games. A founding member of BoogiePost Recordings.

Qarin Wikström - Swedish composer and vocalist, best known from her band Kostcirkeln, and as a member of the collective ensembles Sekten and Babakarej. Wikström also works as a contemporary dance composer and performer, as a solo artist under the name Q, and in a number of smaller sized improvisation-based ensembles. A recipient of several Danish Music Awards, winner of Denmark’s National Arts Foundation's three-year working grant. A member of the record label ILK
Bandmedlemmar och instrument: QARIN WIKSTRÖM (SE), voice, effects, keys
MARIA FAUST (EE), sax, effects
KATRINE AMSLER (DK), keys, microguitarr, electronic drumming
Hemsida: Website Title

Kontaktperson: Katrine Amsler
Telefon: +45 22234515

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