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Fotograf: Mikael Augustsson
Mikael Augustsson has made a name for himself as one of Sweden’s major tango musicians. Playing the Argentinian national instrument, bandoneón, he constitutes the soul of this quartet. He’s got Nils Berg, Josef Kallerdahl & Daniel Bingert with him on this fantastic journey. The music is strongly influenced by tango but the outcome isn’t easy to categorize into just one genre. Maybe the unique sound of this music is due to the mixture of musicians bringing their own individual originality, creativity and different backgrounds to the table. Here you can find Nordic melancholy, mediterranean heat, universal audio landscapes and undefined crotchets. A bundle of landless songs, sung from a heart pounding for many different cultures. The group of musicians forming DynaMike is perfect for interpreting Mikael Augustsson’s (Lena Willemark, Susana Rinaldi, Anna Järvinen, Karima Nayt, Electrocutango) world inspired music. It consists of no less than Josef Kallerdahl (Josef & Erika, Music Music Music, New Tide Orquesta), Nils Berg (The Stoner, Nils Berg Cinemascope, Paavo) and Daniel Bingert (Latin Lover, Frida Hyvönen, and composer for radio & television). Mikael Augustsson: Bandoneón Josef Kallerdahl: Double Bass Nils Berg: Bass Clarinet Daniel Bingert: Fender Bass Six
Bandmedlemmar och instrument: Nils Berg, Basklarinett
Daniel Bingert, Fender Six
Josef Kallerdahl, Kontrabas
Mikael Augustsson, Bandoneón
Hemsida: Website Title

Kontaktperson: Mikael Augustsson
Telefon: +46708583478

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