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Den dynamiska duon Anna och Steve spelar sin fantastiska 'kammar - jazz, pop, gospel' på högsta möjliga nivå i alla miljöer från konserthus och jazzklubbar till kyrkor och TV. Att se dem spela live är en upplevelse utöver det vanliga, en resa som bär igenom djup och höjder, med total närvaro.

Få svenska skivutgivningar, oavsett genre, har hyllats så enhälligt i media som Steve Dobrogosz och Anna Christofferssons gemensamma album. Två av skivorna grammisnominerades och är några av de senaste årens mesta och bästa jazzsäljare. På Covers tolkar Anna och Steve utöver sina original-kompositioner, sina egna favoriter, på sitt eget sätt. De utvalda låtarna har länge funnits med i duons liverepertoar och fått fantastisk respons från publiken.
In English: Two - time swedish grammy nominees Anna&Steve.
The Dynamic Duo is an epithet usually reserved for DC Comics superheroes Batman and Robin, but for those of us who’ve seen Steve Dobrogosz and Anna Christoffersson deliver live before an audience the title now has new owners. With a repertoire that includes music from their debut success It’s Always You, songs from Anna’s solo album One, well-chosen Covers and, not least, the high-octane material from their album Rivertime, the duo generates an energy on stage that can only be described as explosive.
Few Swedish recordings, regardless of genre, have been praised so unanimously by the press as Dobrogosz and Christoffersson’s first collaboration It’s Always You. ”The duo lifts jazz to heavenly heights” wrote Svenska Dagbladet, and the Stockholm City paper declared ”A singing star is born – you can be sure of that.” The public also took the duo to heart, making It’s Always You one of the top-selling jazz albums in recent years. As an indication of things to come, their release concert at Fasching (Stockholm’s jazz club) was not only packed to standing room only, but a long line of people down the street outside had to be turned away – something very rare for Swedish artists. It was a new and big step for Anna, from being a student to suddenly figuring in literally every branch of Swedish media, including engaging appearances on popular TV shows like Så ska det låta and Doobidoo. For Steve it wasn’t as great an upheaval, as he’d already seen success with the classic Fairy Tales recording (from 1982, with Radka Toneff). But as with Fairy Tales, both critics and audience found it difficult to categorize It’s Always You. The answer to the question ”Is it jazz or pop?” lies somewhere between “neither nor and probably both”. All three albums are excellent examples of music that doesn’t limit itself with labels. Anna and Steve's great passion is performning live taking their music to ever deeper depths and ever higher peaks, connecting deeply with their audience.
Bandmedlemmar och instrument: Anna Christoffersson, vocals
Steve Dobrogosz, piano
Hemsida: Website Title

Kontaktperson: Anna Christoffersson
Telefon: +46733205505

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