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Fotograf: Sigge Fabiansson
MOCO blandar vilt idéer, former, ord och leker fritt i det seriösa. Här möts improvisation med olika kompositions inslag, det spontana, det förutbestämda och en forskning av sounds. Deras musik - full av dynamik och energi - överraskar och kliver bortom det som förväntas av en piano/röst duo. MOCO har spelat vid flera av Sveriges främsta jazz och improvisationsscener såsom Fasching, Nefertiti samt Umeå Jazzfestival. I januari 2013 släpptes deras debut album ’MOCO’ på det svenska skivbolaget Ljup.
In English: MOCO is a dynamic voice and piano duo. Their driving energy coupled together with their intuitive interaction, has them moulding unique stories in and around notes, phrases, sounds and melodies. They experiment with the boundaries of their instruments by exploring new and existing improvisational and compositional possibilities. Their music is percussive and intoxicating, freeing and harmonic, full of surprise and tension, soothing and gentle, atonal and disjointed, wild and expressive. Together they go beyond what is expected of a voice/piano duo. MOCO has played at some of Sweden foremost venues and festivals for jazz and improvised music including Fasching, Nefertiti and Umeå Jazz Festival. In early 2013 they released their debut self titled album on the Swedish record label Ljup.

Naoko and Casey met in Gothenburg in 2009 while studying together at the Gothenburg Universitys Academy of Music and Drama. Since then, they pool and refine their skills to form spontaneous compositions where improvisation is key to the development and organic direction of a piece.
Bandmedlemmar och instrument: Casey Moir, Röst och Naoko Sakata, Piano

Kontaktperson: Casey Moir och Naoko Sakata
Telefon: 0725522382 0720076785

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