Föreningen Sveriges Jazzmusiker (FSJ - The Association of Swedish Jazz Musicians)

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This association is an assembly of professional Swedish jazz musicians who strive to improve conditions for musicians and to help raise awareness of Swedish jazz as well as of its performers. In 1977 FSJ was the initiator and founder of Jazz club Fasching in Stockholm, and is still the main owner of the club. Membership card gives you a range of benefits at Fasching. If you're not a musician but want to support our business and take part of our work you are welcome as a support member (however, the member benefits at Fasching are not included). More information on how to become a member can be found here (in Swedish).


In October 1963 Emanon, an organization named after a composition from 1946 by Dizzy Gillespie (”no name”, backwards), was established. Membership fees of a number of jazz musicians became the financial base for a series of concerts at Moderna Museet (Modern Museum). The purpose was to present music and musicians that mainly turned to a listening audience.

After a couple of years Emanon became Föreningen Sveriges Jazzmusiker (FSJ) that also had the ambition to be a nationwide organization. One of the most important goals for FSJ was to get a meeting place for musicians and audience. When FSJ with state support managed to acquire the former disco premises at Kungsgatan
63 in 1977 "Jazzclub Fasching" was born.

Fasching is today run as a limited company where FSJ is the main owner. FSJ together with Faschings Friends, and since 2004, the association "Mera Jazz in Sweden", forms a board whose task is to secure the artistic content, without managing in detail, and to make sure the business is working financially. 

In addition to initiating and operating different forms of musical activity FSJ has been active in cultural politics and has paid a wide range of visits to cultural ministers, city politicians and officials. FSJ was one of the initiators of what today is called Svensk Jazz where actors within jazz are gathered under an umbrella in order to, among other things, speak of jazz with one voice with decision makers and other potentates.

Member benefits:
In addition to supporting our work for the jazz and jazz musicians in Sweden you also get some member benefits at the jazz club Fasching in Stockholm:
- Free admission at all Swedish jazz concerts
- 25% discount on all international concerts at pre-sale and 50% if you buy the ticket in the door
- free wardrobe
- 20% discount on food

The board in 2017 consists of:
Chairman: Lina Nyberg Accounter: Hans Olding
Members of the board: Hans Backenroth, Ann Blom, Magnus Dölerud, Fredrik Nordström, Joakim Milder, Sanna Ruohoniemi, Helen Salim, Amanda Sedgwick, Bosse Söderberg, Henning Ullén.

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