Our mission
We bring together and strengthen the entire Swedish jazz scene
boll jazz in cultural life

Strengthen the position of jazz in the Swedish cultural life 

Strong infra

Strengthen the infrastructure
in jazz

boll financial support

Allocate the financial support from Kulturrådet to jazz organizers

boll information support

Administration, information, awards & guidance



Why become a member?
Membership in Svensk Jazz strengthens the joint mandate of jazz. It is a standpoint where the member agrees with the simple assertion that the tradition and development of jazz is important. Membership also provides other benefits.
The Jazz Office

Karin Inde

inde pa kontoret

Head of Operation

+46-8-407 17 42


Lisa Löfgren

lisa pa kontoret


+46-8-407 17 41


Fredrik Norén

fredrik pa kontoret

Project Manager

+46-70-641 49 47


Terese Larsson

terese pa kontoret2

Producer, Finance & administration

08-407 17 43


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